Employee Snapshot

ER Hapal

I joined Loyalty NZ back in 2018 as a DevOps Engineer. As part of the DevOps team, we make sure Flybuys and back-end services are up and running, 24/7. We also work to continuously improve our technology infrastructure and we get to work with a lot of exciting new technology. Our team is small but I’m glad to be part of it because we have talented and highly-skilled members and we work so well together. 

I have worked for more than 12 years now for 5 different companies, ranging from a start-up to full-on corporate. Loyalty NZ is sort of that sweet spot mid-sized company that certainly is one of most enjoyable places to work in. People were welcoming when I started, and everyone has been friendly from the onset. There is a sense of inclusion which I think is important given that we have diverse teams and I myself came from a different country with a different culture. It’s pretty impressive how our teams work well together to reach our goals and complete projects successfully.  

People work hard here but I like how we can get together every Friday, pause and appreciate the work that has been done, have a drink and catch-up with anyone about anything. Besides that, Loyalty NZ also recognises, celebrates, and rewards individuals and teams for their efforts.